Welcome to Year Two!

Miss Azzopardi and Miss Forrester are so excited to be your teachers. We hope you had a lovely Christmas and a very Happy New Year with your families.

Miss Azzopardi enjoyed spending Christmas with her family and eating lots of delicious food. She also went on an amazing cruise to Vanuatu and New Caledonia where she explored beautiful beaches and villages with her grandparents and two sisters.


Miss Forrester began the holidays by celebrating Christmas with her family.  She then holidayed for 2 weeks at Manyana on the South Coast with her family.  They had lots of fun swimming and playing games at the beach. The holidays were a great time to relax and catch up with friends.

IMG_5274 (2)

  What did you do in the holidays?


About Miss Ashley Azzopardi

My name is Ashley Azzopardi and I teach a Year 2 class in Sydney, Australia.
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91 Responses to Welcome to Year Two!

  1. M.H says:

    Dear Year Two,
    In my holiday I stayed home and I played with my sister.
    we showed off are tricks on the trampoline and we played in are swimming pool.
    It was fun that day.

    Kind regards

    from M.H

  2. H.V says:

    Dear Miss Azzopardi
    I went to Bankstown Library every Saturday and my little brother Daniel really loves the water.My favorite books are Rainbow Magic books and my Dad borrowed his own favorite books.
    Have you been to Bankstown Library before?
    Kind regards,

  3. S.T says:

    Dear Miss Azzopardi,
    On Sunday it was my dad’s birthday and I sang the song .It was a happy birthday and we ate a cake. We bought preasent for my dad.

  4. H.V says:

    Dear Miss Azzopardi,
    I went to many different places on Sunday.First I went IKEA to buy new things for my new house and buy new blankets.Second I went to Kids Furniture to buy new beds for me and my brother.Last I went to Fantastic Furniture to buy a new bed for my parents.
    Have you went to many places before?
    Kind regards,

  5. C.h says:

    Dear Miss Azzopardi do you like the hand print picture I made with primary colors and secondary
    Colors,? Please reply from C.H so have you been drawing or painting something too?

    • Dear C.H,

      I sure do love your painting! I love that you used the primary and secondary colours in a creative way. I don’t paint or draw very often, but sometimes I like to colour in!

      Kind regards,
      Miss Azzopardi

  6. G.F says:

    Dear Year Two,
    On Sunday I went to the dragons game. My dad always gets corporate tickets and they made us lunch and dinner. It was fun and my team won 8-6!
    Have you been to a dragons game?

  7. S.T says:

    Dear Miss Azzopardi,
    On Sunday my friend come to my house to play and we play in the playarea and my friend name is
    call Anthone and we have lots of fun.
    Kind regards

  8. K.I says:

    One day,my friend and her little brothe and our moms and me went to shopping centre.Me and my friend ate sushi,her little brother had Madonald’s.After that,her dad comes so we had lost of fun in shopping centre. When we went into the car we was watchinged TV we were watching a Chinese movie .
    Ha a you been to somebody car before
    From K.I

  9. A.B says:

    Dear Year Two,
    In the holidays I went to Lebanon. I went to the snow and I learnt how to ski.I also went on a skidoo about 4 or 5 times.I even went go carting and got ice cream. I just love spending time with my family. I hope you had a great holiday

    Kind regards.
    From A.B!!!!

  10. C.h says:

    Dear yeartwo

    On good Friday I went to illawarra treetop and I went with my little brother,my two big brothers and my mum and dad,we went on bridges that is build on very very high trees and my mum was scared because the bridge is wobbly after that I took my cambra and started to take photos and
    Videos,it was like the rainforest! Trees is high like 10 or 16 meters! High then we had fun At Illawarra.
    Me and my little brother wasn’t scared if you are on the bridge would you be scared?

    From C.H

  11. A.N says:

    Dear Year 2 Happy Easter. Did you have fun on Easter? We went to the football on good Friday to watch the Bulldogs play Souths. We also saw Miss Forester

  12. S.T says:

    Dear Miss Azzopardi,
    Last Friday my family and my Grandpa and Gandma and my auty’s family went to 4WD sand Boarding Champion played slide sand, me and my little brother slide high sand.
    We didn’t scared,we played very fanny again and again. When we stop it we went to the beach,we played sand and night we had dinner. Than my dad driver 3 hour to get home to sleep.

    Kinds regards

  13. C.H says:

    Dear year two

    On Monday the 28.3.16 I went to the Doll point beach with my friend kristina in 2W and my Family and kristina’s Mum .When we arrived at the beach I saw the sand are white as snow then I build a sandcastle with a door to the way inside the castle.We even build a trap! Had fun at building house as well.
    After that Kristina and Jason and I went to the sea ,the waves are little, kristina and I build a sand hill that is stronger than the waves!We build…… and build…… and build……and build!Finally our Sandhill is made that time! than we went to get the iceblock,every child got the same ice-block.After all of that we went home.What a Faaaantastic day!

    My little brother didn’t help me and Kristina to build the Sandhill , if you are at the beach would you want to help us to build the Sandhill?

    From C.H

  14. J.N says:

    Dear year two,
    On the hoildays Iwent to a hotel with my family.We got to the hotel it was 9:55 first when we got there we had … eggs,bacon and apple juice to drink.At 4:00 o clock we went to the swimming pool and had a long swim and l did a huge jump into the water.Then we had dinner l had fish and chips it was good.then we all went home .Did you go to a hotel.

    Kindly regards J.N

  15. C.N says:

    Dear year two,
    On Easter holidays, i went church with my grandma, dad, mum and my little sisters on Thursday, Friday inside the church, and i went to a very big mass on Saturday night in Paul Keating park with my Vietnamese community. After church, we went to Angelina’s home (kinder garten)) to have dinner together. We had so much fun!!

  16. J.N says:

    Dear yeartwo,
    On the Easter lent on a Easter egg hart with my family it was so fun and l got about 30 eg and l ate 5 eggs they were yummy.
    Kindly regards J.N

  17. T.A says:

    Dear year two
    I lent that the book is heavy than the rubber i had so much fun doing maths.
    love from T.A

  18. CN says:

    Dear year two,
    On the weekend I stayed at home and I was preparing a party for my sister’s birthday party and I was sick at home

    From CN

  19. J.N says:

    Dear Miss Azzopardi,
    Why don’t you do painting or drawing.And why do you like colouring in.More then painting and drawing Miss Azzopardi???
    Kind regards JN

  20. J.N says:

    Dear year2,
    In history l enjoy leaning about school life in the past and comparing to school life in the paresent. Why because l want to see want they do in the past for school that are the same thing ‘s that we do now in the paresent.And l also want to see want they do in the paresentparesent that are not the same.
    Kind regards J.N

  21. C.h says:

    Dear yeartwo

    On Wednesday the 13.4.16 I went to a place near Aldi with kristina and we did origami we made a
    Swan and a dog and even we made a Vietnamese hat, we had a lot of fun after that we played
    With our own swan my swan is yellow and White.
    What Colour swan would you make?

    From C.H

  22. K.I says:

    Dear teachers,
    I enjoy my time sleeping over at my friend’s house.Playing old people game.We was very funny.

  23. S.T says:

    Dear Miss Azzopardi,
    On last sunday me and K.I go to olympic park to and we go to the big tower and we climb the big mountain and we all go to have eat dinner and we go back home but I sing a song from my dad’s car to go back home.
    Kind regards

  24. J.S.P says:

    Dear Year Two,
    in the holidays I learnt about the cardiovascular system.Cardio means heart and vascular means blood vessles. There are three organs in the cardiovascular system, heart blood vessles and blood. The heart pumps the blood and blood vessles carry the blood to and from the heart.Blood is a thick fluid,made of red and white cells.

  25. M.H says:

    Dear year two,
    I miss you so much. I hoped you had a fun holiday.
    I hope you write back.

    from M.H

  26. Elias says:

    Dear year 2
    I went to the Wanders vs Brisbane Roar soccer game and the Wanders won 5 – 4 and the crowd went wild. My cousins and I were so happy that they made it to the grand final cause it was a tough and close game. I hope they win this Sunday!!!
    Kind Regards E.Y

  27. T.A says:

    Dear J.N

    My favroutie story is the poor widow to.

    kind rigards from T.A

  28. T.A says:

    Dear miss Azzopardi

    My favroutie story is the poor widow whats your favroutie story please send me back a comment
    From T.A

  29. S.T says:

    Dear Miss Azzopardi,
    On Sunday my family went to darling harbour and we go to the zoo and…I SEE A VERY BIG CROCODILE BIGGER THAN A CAR!And baby bird and see lots of fish. After that me and Edward
    and my mum went in the sea life and we see lots of different fishs.And we have dinner and we go
    on the tran and I watch my mum’s phone and we go on the car and we go back home to sleep on the bed.
    Kind Rerads

  30. S.L says:

    Dear year two,
    i had the best Mother s day this year on Sunday i get my mum 3 present and 3 cards alltogther it make 6 present..
    For lunch i eat rise and chicken, then i play with my baby sister we play hide and sic.
    Then i went back home and play ipad.

  31. C.M says:

    Dear year
    On Sunday it was Mother`s I made her Brekfast in bed and then we went to my gran perens house
    because we celebrate mother`s day. and I liked what I got for my mum . and we whatched a movie we had lots of fun and we went home after that I Loved mother`s day.

  32. S.T says:

    Dear Miss Azzopardi,
    On Sunday my family and my grandpa,grandma went to The Wild Zoo and Sealife. After that we went to the park. My brother my dad and me climbed up rope net, we slide the children’s slide.
    Me and my mum played table tennis. A boy and his mum joined us to play together. Me and my father and my brother played badminton . After we went home by the train. Today we were so tired, but we feeled very happy.

  33. M.H says:

    Dear year two,
    i hope you are having a great time at school.
    I still miss you so much so much.
    anyway i’m having a really good time at my new school.
    kind regards

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