Over the last two weeks, Year 2 have been learning about length.

Length is how long something is, its longest dimension. 

Year 2 have:

  • made their own tape measures and rulers using informal units (hand prints and cubes)
  • measured objects using informal units (paddle pop sticks, cubes etc)
  • compared two or more objects according to their lengths
  • measured objects and lines using metre rulers and 30 cm rulers
  • found out that a metre can be a curved line
  • recorded lengths using cm and m
  • estimated lengths and then checked by measuring

Take a look at the great Year 2 mathematicians working hard in the photos below!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Click on the image below to play a game about length!

Measure It!

What did you like best while learning about length?

What do you need to remember when you are using a ruler?

Challenge: use a ruler to measure objects around the house and record their length in a comment below!


About Miss Ashley Azzopardi

My name is Ashley Azzopardi and I teach a Year 2 class in Sydney, Australia.
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15 Responses to Length

  1. NS says:

    Learning about measurement was fun! It was great because we made our own ruler which we used to measure things in our school. I liked measuring the SMART board!

  2. Miss Forrester says:

    Dear Year 2

    Congratulations on the fantastic length measuring you have been doing in our Maths lessons. I loved the way you remembered not to leave gaps when measuring with informal units and to start at the 0, not the end of the ruler, when measuring with centimetres.

    You have also shown great Maths skill as we have continued to improve our recall of basic addition facts to 20. I was so impressed with the growth you all showed on our last recall quiz and am so proud of how you are working to achieve your goals.

    Keep up the fantastic work.


    Miss Forrester

  3. Mr Le says:

    S LE – Great to see the kid’s photos and the in class activities.

  4. B.S. says:

    I liked learning about metres for measuring. I liked using jumps to measure and taught my mum how to do that.

  5. DI says:

    Dear Year 2,
    I enjoyed studying the Length Measurement topic last week. We measured the smart board, white board and the table using hand spans. Also we measured a computer using cubes as the measuring unit. But from all measuring units I liked most the centimeter, because the ruler measures objects and distances in cm most accurately.

    • Dear D.I,

      It is great to hear that you have enjoyed learning about length! You definitely were very accurate when measuring with the 30 cm ruler!

      Kind regards,
      Miss Azzopardi

      • DI says:

        Dear Miss Azzopardi,

        thank you very much for the reply. I really enjoyed measuring objects with the 30 cm ruler. I am looking forward to leaning how to measure the area of an object.

        Kind Regards,

  6. C.h says:

    Dear miss Azzopardi and students

    Guess what!!! On Friday the 15th my mum came home from the hospital with her new born baby called Andy. Me and my little brother were so exited to see the new born baby Andy! A few days later which is now or some days before now me and Kristina get to carry Andy, Because Kristina in 2W lives at my house. Andy was very cute! And sometimes a bit noisy.
    Do you like the name Andy?

    Please reply from C.H

  7. J.N says:

    Dear Miss Azzopardi,
    I really like to use the 30 cm ruler.For measuring objects.
    In the classroom.And the patch as will.
    l also enjoyed leaning about lenth.

    • J.N says:

      Dear year two,
      I like leaning about length because you get to measure different types of objects you also get to make your own rules.

      Kind regards J.N

  8. T.A says:

    Dear year two
    I love the minibeasts that you can find.I love to look at them closer.My favourite bug is a ladybug
    because they crawl on my hand
    Kind regards

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