Holy Week and Easter

The season of Easter follows Lent. Easter is the season of joy, hope and new life when we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus, God raising Jesus to new life. Easter is the greatest season of the Church’s year and it is a time when we remember that Jesus is always with us.

Last Wednesday, Year 2 reflected on Palm Sunday and the Washing of the Feet.

Holy Week begins with Palm Sunday. On Palm Sunday we remember the day Jesus rode into Jerusalem on a donkey. Lots of people crowded around to greet Jesus as their king. They waved palm branches and shouted ‘Hosanna.’ On Holy Thursday evening, we remember Jesus’ Last Supper with his disciples. That evening, Jesus washed his disciples feet as a sign that he came to serve people not to rule over them.

Take a look at the photos below of the Year 2 Holy Week  reflection.

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Miss Forrester and Miss Azzopardi would like to wish Year 2 and their families a very happy Easter!

What did you enjoy about our Holy Week reflection?

How did you celebrate Easter?


About Miss Ashley Azzopardi

My name is Ashley Azzopardi and I teach a Year 2 class in Sydney, Australia.
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16 Responses to Holy Week and Easter

  1. A.V says:

    I celebrated Easter by going to the Easter Show on Saturday. My mum bought tickets to ride on a fast swinging boat and everyone was scared.


    • Dear A.V,

      I hope you had a lot of fun at the Easter show with your family! I get scared on fast rides too!

      Kind regards,
      Miss Azzopardi

    • DI says:

      Dear A.V,

      I also went to the Easter show and I had 75 tickets to spend on rides. I went on a water boat, planes, shooting safari, train roller coaster and I went on another roller coaster! The rides were very fun but I did’t see the animals because we went to late there were sleeping.

      Kind Regards


  2. A.V says:

    Dear year two
    Good Friday I went to the movies to watch Batman versus Superman.
    Firstly there was a gigantic explosion in Gotham city but Superman saved the people in the office.Secondly there was a battle between Batman and Superman because Superman wrote a letter to Batman to say to kill his family .
    Finally Lex Luthor created a monster it took an hour to battle it but Superman found a stick with a green gem at the top and stabbed the monster with the stick and gem.
    The monster was defeated.

    Kind regards,

  3. DI says:

    Dear Year Two,

    I celebrated Easter by coloring Easter eggs. Did any of you color eggs? My family went on an Easter picnic and watched a move about Jesus. Did you watch a move about Jesus on Easter?

    Kind Regards


    • Dear D.I,

      It sounds like you had a fantastic day! Colouring in, a picnic and watching a movie about Jesus sounds like a perfect way to celebrate Easter! I didn’t watch a movie about Jesus this year, I might remember that for next year!

      Kind regards,
      Miss Azzopardi

  4. D.k says:

    I loved my Easter because it was good and amazing because we had Easter bunnys and Easter storys and it was very cool!

  5. C.W says:

    IF you wach the mass video you can see the mass
    kind regards

  6. d.k says:

    i selebrated easter by eating easter eggs and having a good day

  7. C.W says:

    Dear year two,
    I injoyed pulling the rop and thowing the ball because science is very fun.
    Kind regares

  8. C.W says:

    Dear year two,
    I injoyed ester because i had very fun with my family.
    Kind regards

  9. J.N says:

    Dear year two
    I celebrate Easter by going to my cousins house to have Easter egg hunt.It was so much FUN.

    From J.N

  10. T.L says:

    Dear yeartwo.
    I injoyed reading to the parents and granparents.
    regarse T.L

  11. T.L says:

    Dear yeartwo.
    I injoyed telling the parents and granpaeents what holy week was about.
    Kind regards T.L

  12. H.V says:

    Dear Year 2,
    On Easter,my Mum brought me some Easter eggs and two chocolate rabbits and me and my brother ate some of the eggs and they were delicious!
    Kind Regards,

  13. J.N says:

    Dear year2
    On Easter me and my family had a bad. And there was a lot of people there at the bbp.It was so much FUN at the bbp.We had it at my house.

    Kind regards J.N

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