Drive In Movie Night!

On Friday 6th August, Kindy, Year 1 and Year 2 had a drive in movie night! That afternoon, everyone was busy being creative as they made and decorated their fancy cars out of cardboard boxes. Everyone then sat in their amazing cars, ate snacks and watched Shark Tale.

Check out the awesome car making and drive in movie photos below!

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What did you enjoy about the drive in movie night?

Have you played with your car at home?


About Miss Ashley Azzopardi

My name is Ashley Azzopardi and I teach a Year 1 class in Sydney, Australia.
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7 Responses to Drive In Movie Night!

  1. D.I says:

    Dear Year Two,

    Most of all I enjoyed designing my cosy,cupboard car . Since I read books about car,s trains and aeroplanes I am interested in making such things. Also I play with the car at home and pretent that I am driving a real car.

    Kind Regards,

  2. D.K says:

    Dear year two,

    I Did use my car and it was very very fun!!!!

    Kind regards D.K

  3. S.lL says:

    Dear two ,

    I had lots of fun and it wasn’t finding dory it was shark tale.
    I did not have a car so I did not use it.

    Kind regards


  4. J.N says:

    Dear yeartwo,
    we enjoyed about the 52 story treehouse when the potato king chased Andy and Terry.
    What was your favorite part of the play.

    kind regards J.N and I.H

  5. C.W says:

    Dear Year Two,
    On the moive night i had lots of fun with my friends with T.L J.M and me.
    Kind regards,

  6. C.N says:

    Dear year two,
    I loved it when we watched the movie A Shark Tale.
    It was so funny when the friendly shark pretended to thrown away and dead.
    I f you didn’t watch it,I feel very pity for you but you can it on a devise like a phone or iPad.
    From Your Sincerely

  7. Sativa says:

    Hi, my name is Sativa from Dawson Primary School in New Zealand. Wow!! I bet you guys had a fantastic night, my question is… to you what was your favourite part about that movie.

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