Sydney Kings

On Tuesday 2nd August, a few VERY TALL players from the Sydney Kings basketball team came to visit St Felix! The whole school gathered in the hall and everyone clapped and cheered when the players came in. Lots of children were chosen to come up and play games with the players while everyone cheered them on.

The team hopes you and your families will go along to the opening game against the Brisbane Bullets on October 8 at Qudos Bank Arena in Sydney Olympic Park.

Click on the image below to see photos and read the article about their visit on their website!

Sydney Kings - St Felix Basketball Team

Take a look at the video and photos below!

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What did you enjoy about the Sydney Kings’ visit?


About Miss Ashley Azzopardi

My name is Ashley Azzopardi and I teach a Year 1 class in Sydney, Australia.
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11 Responses to Sydney Kings

  1. D.I says:

    Dear Year Two,

    I loved the visit of the Sydney Kings because we learned about basketball and information about their team. They also picked volunteers and some kids even got to keep a T shirt with “Sydney Kings” on it. I am looking forward to their next visit!

    Kind Reguards,


  2. D.K says:

    Dear year two,

    I Loved visiteding the Sydney kings because we learned about basketball and lots of
    Interesting information about they team.

    Kind regards D.K

  3. A.N says:

    Dear Year Two
    All of your posters were great!!!!! I enjoyed the part when the kindy ‘s pants fell down.

    kind regards A.N

  4. R.c says:

    Dear Year Two,
    I enjoyed when some of the chillden went outnad played with the sydney kings

    kind regards

  5. E.T says:

    Dear Year Two
    I loved it when the kindergarten was racing to get the clothes it was HILARIOUS!!
    That was not the only thing that was funny
    it was also funny when everyone tried to do your tricks almost everyone got it
    did you ever
    win the finals?
    kind regards

  6. J.S.P says:

    Dear Year Two,
    I loved when I did the challenge because it was entertaining to me and I got the ball in the bin which was the hoop I loved the Sydney Kings visit . Did you do a challenge and did you enjoy it?

    Kind regards,

  7. N.S says:

    Dear Year Two,
    I enjoyed when the Sydney Kings came to our school because they had games out that some people could play. And they were very fun! What are all the players names?
    Kind Regards

  8. S.D says:

    Dear Year Two,
    i enjoyed watching the Sydney Kings play basketball.
    Did you make a poster for the Sydney Kings?

    Kind regards,

  9. W.C says:

    Dear Year Two,
    I enjoyed watching the children having a chalenge with the sydney king.
    Kind regards

  10. C.N says:

    I loved it when the Sydney Kings came to our school.
    My favourite part was when everyone showed their own poster and when the kindergartens raced and had to put the clothes on…… But it was too HILARIOUS!!!!! 😅😂😂😅
    That it made me laugh to DEATH by then.😂😂😂
    I’m hoping that everyone enjoyed the visit.
    Have one of the players chose you to win a shirt?
    Kind Regards

  11. A.B says:

    Dear Year Two,

    I enjoyed watching the Sydney Kings choose students to come out and do the activities that they chose for them. My brother Andrew was one of those students. I was happy for my brother because he won a shirt from them that had Sydney Kings on it. It was a very enjoyable time. I wish that I could go to watch a Basketball game.

    Kind Regards,

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